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the beer

MOKUSIGA is a satisfyingly crisp and hoppy Pacific Lager carefully hand crafted to achieve the perfect balance of flavours. 


Starting with a pristine Fiji spring water source, selected premium light malt barley is added at just the right amount to create a golden straw colour and slight sweetness.


Motueka hops from the South Pacific are used for mild bittering, and developing the signature citrus, tropical, and floral flavours. Saaz hops from the family of noble varieties compliments the brew with a pleasant herbal, earthy, and spicy aroma.


Finally the select strain of lager yeast chosen for fermentation adds a slight sour twist. Each batch is brewed and unfiltered to retain the best of the rich and flavoursome deposits in each bottle, capturing the the full character of the ingredients. To be enjoyed as a crisp and settled brew, or gently rolled to disturb and release the full flavour of Fiji's only craft beer. And always, cold.

For a day of sun, surf, and sand; there's nothing more satisfying and refreshing than an ice cold MOKUSIGA.

Local handcrafted, small batch, full flavour.


"Vakarau. Gunuva Batabata. Gunu Vakasama"